Logistical Information for Participants

Welcome to Tropical North Queensland, Australia!

Dear participants, please find within this website all the information that you may require in order to prepare your travels to the Tropical Hinchinbrook and Townsville Regions and your participation at the 2017 GFRAS/APEN International Conference.

Getting to the Hinchinbrook and Townsville Regions:  Visa and Transport

Getting to Hinchinbrook

Participants are requested to organise their travel from their home countries to either Townsville Airport or Cairns International Airport and their entry visa to Australia and their accommodation in Hinchinbrook/Townsville themselves. 

Transport from Townsville to Hinchbrook

As Hinchinbrook is located 109.6 km (an 1 hr 10 mins) from Townsville Airport, participants will have to prearrange either shuttle buses, car rental or other transport requirements to get to their accommodation.

Shuttle Buses

Helloworld - Experts in Everywhere

Ingham - Travel

Car Rental Agencies - Townsville

Transport from Cairns to Hinchbrook

As Hinchbrook is located 240.9 (2 hrs 45 mins) from Cairns International Airports, participants will have to prearrange either shuttle buses, car rental or other transport requirements to get to their accommodation.

Shuttle Buses

Helloworld - Experts in Everywhere

Ingham - Travel

Car Rental Agencies - Cairns


Participants from all countries entering into Australia will require a Visa - this information is on the page of this website.

Accommodation and Meals in Hinchinbrook and Townsville

Participants must book their rooms directly themselves with accommodation being reserved for this conference at both Townsville and Hinchinbrook region with the places noted on the accommodation page.  Rooms will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Special room prices have been negotiated ranging with the different styles of accommodation.  Bus shuttles will operated between accommodation and meeting venues along with meal times.  Find basic information on the different accommodation options in the Accommodation Page of this website. 

Please note places of accommodation with require payment in $AU only.


Coffee breaks and lunches from the 9th-12th September will be supplied and paid for by GFRAS,

Meeting Details

Below you can find key informations to logistically prepare for the meeting.  Information regarding content and structure of the meeting is provided on the meeting website (www.gfrasapenint2017.com).

Registration and payment of registrations fees

Bank Instructions


The working language of the meeting will be English.

Share Fair

Registrations for Field Trips

Participants must register prior to the conference to secure placement in their chosen trip.

Side Events

Side events will be confirmed separately and all descriptions, including procedures for registrations to these events and continuously uploaded to the GFRAS Annual Meeting website (?)

Meeting Secretariat

The meeting secretariat in Tyto will be occupied from 9th Saturday from 08.00 to 18.00 and provide support for any kind of requests.  During the night or if not occupied, a phone number will be indicated for emergencies.

Further important numbers will be provided in the meeting brochure which participants will receive at registration.

Practical Information

Taxis in Hinchinbrook and Townsville Regions

If you wish to take a taxi, always tell the driver your exact destination.  In the Hinchinbrook region Taxis are not in abundant supply so a wait for the taxi to be available might happen, but also transport to and from your accommodation can also be arrangement with the committee or at your place of accommodation.  In the Townsville region, taxis are readily available so you will contact the reception of your accommodation to arrange this.


The official currency in Hinchinbrook and Townsville is the Australian Dollar $AU.

We recommend you to be prepared to pay in cash as most placed do not accept other currency but do accept some credit cards such as VISA, American Express.  Payment by credit card is possible at most venues and may accur a fee for this process.  Please seek confirmation if your credit card is of use here in Australia.

In Hinchinbrook and Townsville, you can withdraw cash with foreign VISA cards from ATM's in may places but only $AU.  We recommend you to change your currencies upon arrival at the airports either Cairns or Townsville.


Health Insurance

Participants are responsible for their own health and accident insurance coverage.


Smoking is NOT PERMITTED in public areas.  Please read Smoking Laws Australia.


The water is safe to drink from the taps.


Please note that recretational drugs are not permitted within the conference.  Any medication that you may required supporting documentation from your GP (Doctor) will be requested.  As the climate is in tropical North Queensland it is advisable for people to have on their person insect repellent to ward off Dengue Fever/Ross River fever from mosquioes.


The meeting venue is properly secured.  However, it is advised to take the following general safety precautions

  • Leave your valuables safely stored at the hotel and only carry small amounts of money
  • Don't leave your bags or electronic devices unattended even in the venue
  • Be careful when using credit cards
  • Only use recognised taxi services or ask the hotel reception or meeting secretariat for assistance


For Emergencies (Hinchinbrook & Townsville)

Hospital   000

Police       000

Fire           000


Standard Voltage:  240V

Standard Frequency:  50 Hz

The power sockets that are used are of type I

Expected Weather Conditions

The costal strip of Queensland, Australia can be humid and hot.  We recommend you to bring lightweight cotton clothes or canvas and light shoes or sandals.  Please do make sure to bring adequate clothing for the field trips (raincoat and water-proof shoes/closed in shoes and long sleeved shirt and long pants are required on some of the field trips)

Tourist Attractions in and Hinchinbrook and Townsville

Both the Hinchinbrook and Townsville Regions offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, swimming, sight-seeing, fishing and shopping.  See this website for some interesting things for a person or a group of people can do.  Your accommodation should have information on place to go and see.

Contact Information

General Contacts for the Meeting

Content related requests:  Natalie Ernst (natalie.ernst@g-fras.org)


Logistical requests:             Alexandra Carter (annual-meeting@g-fras.org)


Visa requests:



9th -15th September 2017 Hinchinbrook & Townsville Regions, Australia