9th -15th September 2017 Hinchinbrook & Townsville Regions, Australia

Regional Networks 

GFRAS (Global Forum for rural Advisory Services)

The Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services GFRAS is about enhancing the performance of advisory services so that they can better serve farm families and rural producers, thus contributing to improved livelihoods in rural areas and the sutainable reduction of hunger and poverty.  Rural advisory services help to empower farmers and better integrate them in systems of agricultural innovation.  The GFRAS structure reaches smallholder farmers via the regional rural advisory services networks (/en/community/members.html), which are made up of national-level platforms (/en/community/country-fora.html). 

The national platforms includes actors from all sectors working in rural advisory services and work directly with smallholders.  National platforms help prioritise national-level issues and formulate demands to be taken to the regional and global levels.

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APEN Australasia Pacific Extension Network

Extension is about working with people in a community to facilitate change in an environment that has a social, economic and technical complexity.  This is achieved by helping people gain the knowledge and confidence so they want to change and providing support to ensure it is implemented effectively.

In extension the community may consist of any group of people with a common interest such as town, region, industry, supply chain, catchment or a social grouping with a common problem.

Extension relies on the commitment of the community to the change process so any collaboration needs to be meaningful otherwise little will be achieved.  As trust and respect develops the common goals can be expanded and the partnership will become more productive.